(Legends and Shadows)

Supported by Arizona Friends of Chamber Music, Buffalo Exchange, and Mr. Wesley Green.


Saturday, March 4th, 2017, 8:00 PM
Doors open at 7:00 PM
Scottish Rite Temple, 160 S. Scott Ave
Facebook Event HERE.

On March 4th, ChamberLab returns with a concert featuring new music inspired by traditional Mexican folk tales.

In a departure from our usual classical behavior, the ensemble for the evening will be the renowned Mariachi Luz de Luna. As composers, we’re tremendously excited by the possibilities and unique sound of these traditional instruments, and thrilled to work with such a prestigious group (frequent Calexico collaborators) here in Tucson, a city full of Mariachi history and activity.

The composers for the evening will be ChamberLab mainstay Marco Rosano (of Orkesta Mendoza), joined by ChamberLab newcomer John Contreras, member of Mariachi Luz de Luna, and mariachi director at Pueblo High School, home of Mariachi Aztlán. Working with puppeteer Matt Cotten, each composer has selected a traditional Mexican folk tale for inspiration.


Visual artist Matt Cotten of Puppets Amongus, will present the tales with live shadow puppetry in the Grand Parlor of the historic Scottish Rite Temple while the music plays. Matt has created beautiful storyboards and character designs for each tale, and the composers have scored each one like a silent film.


All in all, it promises to be a magical evening. Buy your tickets now!

Our Co-Presenting Sponsors

We would like to thank our Co-Presenting Sponsors, without whom this concert would not be possible. We are grateful for the generous support of the Arizona Friends of Chamber Music, Buffalo Exchange, and Mr. Wesley Green!

afcm-logo The Arizona Friends of Chamber Music presents classical chamber music from around the world, supports the performance of old and recent works, and sponsors the creation of new compositions.

Buffalo Exchange is a sustainable business that buys, sells and trades new and recycled clothing. The Tucson-born retailer is a supporter of the arts and is proud to sponsor ChamberLab.
wesley We gratefully acknowledge the support of Mr. Wesley Green, who is an active supporter of new music, having sponsored a number of commissions, recordings, and performance opportunites.

Our Supporting Sponsor


We wish the thank the Tucson International Mariachi Conference for their support in making this program possible.

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This concert was also made possible by a stART Grant from the Arts Foundation for Tucson and Southern Arizona.


As well as the support of the following individuals:

Kipp Metzger & Sharon O’Brien
Hal Myers
Jean-Paul Bierny and Chris Tanz

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